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About Me

About Me


I am the author of two memoirs and sixteen (and counting!) novels. I've been published by Random House, FSG, Disney, and a number of others. I have spoken about my writing on All Things Considered, Here and Now, The Today Show and The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

My writing has appeared in The New York Times' "Modern Love" column as well as in The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, The Sunday Times (of London) Magazine, Best Life Magazine, Rosie Magazine, and Ladies' Home Journal.


I have over seventeen years' experience teaching writing.  I have worked with writers in middle school, high school, college, and beyond.

I have shepherded scores of applicants through the process of writing their application essays, from brainstorming possible answers to the essay prompts all the way to hitting "send." 


I have coached authors of memoirs and novels, providing edits, encouragement, and ideas along the way.  As an English teacher, I became adept at spotting even the most picayune errors.  Most recently, a  Boston edtech company entrusted me with the responsibility of being the last person in-house to review their content and hit "publish" when it was ready to show to clients.


I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, but I've lived in Boston since 1992. I am passionate about cities, public education, public transportation, bike infrastructure, vegetarian food, horror movies,  music, and justice.

I raised three children here and sent them all to Boston Public Schools. I have a dog who I love even though he's kind of a jerk when people come to the house. I walk him in Franklin Park every day.

I'm married to Suzanne, a speech pathologist in the Boston Public Schools who is way out of my league but inexplicably fell for me anyway.

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